So what do you do? Don't you hate that question. We are soo much more than what our business cards say and how we spend the hours between nine am and five pm. I always felt compelled to try to capture that in my answer.

A consultant by nature and technology enthusiast I began my career at a large professional services firm helping large clients in the banking capital markets space solve complex IT problems. I loved the experience in being able to manage teams at an early stage in my career and instantly get key experiences such as interviewing, recruiting, and coaching staff around issues both big and small.

Reflection is a key process that needs to be intentionally built into the rhythm of one's life. A few years into my career, I was fortunate enough to partake in a company sponsored retreat where I was able to reflect on the common denominator of my success thus far in my career and where I wanted to go from there. With that time and space, I was easily able to define my passion as services to others and doing everything I could to allow those around me to grow into their best selves both personally and professionally. I had no idea what it was going to turn into at the time but my gut told me I was on to something.

Recognizing and following my passion has opened up doors I never even knew existed. It was from here that I pursued getting my professional coaching certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPec) and began helping run and manage the executive coaching internally for a leadership development experience for one of the largest professional services organizations in the world. 

Since this time I have constantly strived to live my life in service to others, pushing people to turn their Mondays into Fridays, and to help young professionals solve the complex puzzle of marrying occupation with purpose. The sad fact is that we will spend more time in the workplace than with our friends, family, and loved ones throughout the course of ones life. Let me help you give this space the strategic time and attention that it deserves.

What I Have Achieved

  • Certified Professional Coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in coaching (iPec).
  • Over eight years of professional experience and most recently as a Manager within the fastest growing practice in the largest professional services organization in the world. 
  • Manager of a transformative internal leadership development experience helping drive self leadership through values discovery and reflection.
  • An avid competitor having completed over five ultra and regular marathons and most recently running a lap around the entire island of Manhattan.
  • A serial traveler addicted to exploring cultures and people who make the world even more beautiful. Over 40 countries and counting. Up next? Brazil.
  • Six years New York City resident and constantly captivated by the people, places, and experiences that make up the concrete jungle.