A consultant by nature I will help build and design the custom coaching fit to meet your needs exactly.

One-ON-One Arrangements

Let's build a plan and schedule to work through individual coaching sessions tailored to your specific goals. Sessions take place via phone, webex or in person arrangements. These are one hour in length and vary from 3 - 6 - 12 session packages. 

One DAy Intensives

This five hour intensive session is a deep dive 'in person' for those that need to see results fast. These brainstorming strategy sessions will help you get to the roots of what has worked (and not worked) in your career thus far. From here, we will develop a plan and strategy to begin with small executable steps to begin movement in the right direction. Arrangements can be made for in person or virtual meetings.

Speaking / group coaching arrangements

Let me come work with your team or organization to deliver group content designed to inspire action. Topics can be custom tailored to the organization or group preferences. Previous topics include group psychometric assessments, daily habit and routine formation, and goal and strategy session delivery.